Power Pulling Association ltd

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The Official Home of Garden, Compact Diesel & Mini Puller Tractor Pulling


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The Power Pulling Association was formed over the winter of 1993 after the Mini Pullers Club GB pulled away from the British Tractor Pullers Association (BTPA) and founded a new club. This new club was to promote the sport for Mini Pullers and later the introduction of the Garden Class and most recently the Compact Diesel Class. The PPA uses two  different sledges for its competition, one for the Mini's and the other smaller sledge for the Gardens and Compacts of which both are self propelled and maintained to the safest standards.

In June 2017 the Power Pulling Association became a Limited Company.



Chairman: Alan Shepherd - alan.shepherd4962@gmail.com

Vice Chairman: Darren Trower - dmtrower@aol.co.uk & Paul Pacey - paulpacey366@btinternet.com 

Secretary: Sarah Jones

Treasurer: Becci Trower - dmtrower@aol.co.uk

Safeguarding Children Officers: Gareth Jones - 07876783007 & Learna Pettitt - learna.pettitt@googlemail.com


Scrutineering Team: Alan Shepherd (Head), Paul Pacey, Karl Francis, Gareth Jones, Scott Trower

Clutch Inpsection team: Alan Shepherd, Mark Pacey, Martin Thompson

Head of Track Prep: Jamie Haylock


Website/Facebook/Twitter/Media: Paul Smith - info@powerpulling.co.uk