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Euro cup Champion in 2009. Currently fitted with 527 V8 BBC + SSI 14-71 Blower. Can be sold with 540 V8 BBC 8-71 Littlefield Hi-Helix Blower or as a rolling chassis.

Would also just sell either motors.


Email - Tom Beattie

Facebook - BWA Racing

A Class Mini Puller - LITTLE DAN

little dan 2


CHASSIS - Bi-fold stainless steel chassis rails

-Ford A Series Back Axle

-Dick Cepek Giant Puller Tires

- Steel rear wheels

- Cable Steering

- Rollcage, front skids and all other

  safety equipment PPA/ETPC compliant.

Comes with spare Purple Camshaft (not roller),

as well as a spare set of tires (BF Goodrich 18.4-16.1)

B Class Mini Puller - Formly 'White Noise'

ENGINE - 440Cui Chrylser V8

-Forged crank

-6Pack Rods

-KB Pistons

-Cast Heads

-Roller Rollers

-Comp Roller Cam +Roller ¬Lifters

-Front Gear Drive

-Bobby Taylor 1050CFM Dominator Alcohol Carburettor

-Ron's Mechanical Fuelpump

-Braided Fuel Hoses with Torques Fittings

-Moroso Aluminium Rocker Covers

-Aluminium Scoop

-Torqueflite 727 Automatic transmisson + Shatter Blanket

Offers around

£5750 GBP / €6500 euro


Email - Scott Trower

scott at barleylands